Drago - Release Notes

2004/12/23 - version 1.32


Display of the list of variations as children or sibling.

Mouse command (Ctrl-Click) to navigate or create variations at the current depth.

Keyboard command (Ctrl-Return) to navigate or create variations at the current depth.

New options to control the display of NodeName, Comment, TimeLeft and Variation list.

Modify current move with drag and drop.

Manual setup of territory markups in addition of auto setup after playing.

Setup of label markups.


The menu associated with the markup toolbar button becomes a dropdown menu.

Current markup is stored in the inifile.

Empty NodeName ( N[] ) or Comment ( C[] ) properties are deleted after editing.

Soft linebreaks are handled.

Add sgf extension when saving as name with no extension.

Node names and comments can be edited in the Text tab of the Edit/Insert command.


Spanish help from inner controls is undefined.

Moving the pointer with the keyboard is incorrect on vertical coordinates (Alt-Up and Alt-Dn).

Flickering when starting the application.

Crash when exporting figures with some options.

Possible conflicts between non standard proprietary SGF properties and Drago internal properties

2004/10/28 - version 1.31


Drago exports games to HTML, figures to GIF, JPEG and BMP in addition to RTF and WMF.

Display of stones as antialiased circles and option for choosing between bitmap and drawn stones.

It is possible to select jpeg files, in addition to bmp, for goban background textures.

New option to select the style and drawing of the coordinate background.

New option to control the number of digits when displaying move numbers.

New option to enable zooming on a board quarter (zoom on main window, index, problems and printing).


Better drawing of stones on dark backgrounds.

Better drawing of circles.

Split graphic tab option into goban options and move options.

Escape previewing with ESC rather than Quit button.


Crash when printing with game info at start of game, several figures per line and last line not full.

2004/07/27 - version 1.30


Drago prints and exports.

Help file is available in English.

Add a popup menu on the markup toolbar button.

2004/07/09 - version 1.25


Player is not initialized (thanks Dave).

Bad handling of engine pass moves.

Hints in goproblems.com problems are not fully detected.

2004/06/18 - version 1.24


Add option for entering custom parameters when starting game engine.


Autohandicap mode saving uses the name of the game engine in addition of size and level.

Starting a new game in Current position mode uses only GTP 'play' commands, and no more GTP 'loadsgf' which is not in the GTP required commands.


Starting the game engine doesn't use its working directory.

Unknown gtp commands are not handled (game stops now and sends a message).

Game engine crashes are not handled (msg now).

Parse gtp responses on #13#10 rather than ignoring #13 (can play with Aya now).

When starting a new game in Current position mode and when there is no moves (only setup), the game always starts with Black

2004/05/06 - version 1.23



Less newlines while saving.

All board sizes from 5 to 19 are handled.

Readme.txt is translated to English.


Insertion of a pass move in the middle of a game is made without control and may delete the following moves.

Zoom in problem mode doesn't correctly handle coordinates > 13.

Illegal GNU Go moves are not handled.

2004/04/13 - version 1.22


Bouton de sélection du moteur de jeu


Démarrage d'un jeu sur le premier noeud, sauf en mode problème, cf 1.21

Les infos Komi et Handicap passent en lecture seule


Symétries et zoom des propriétés LB non gérés en mode problème

Pas de controle des coordonnées hors goban dans la gestion des symétries et du zoom en mode problème

Les champs avec des retours chariots sont incorrectement restitués après le tri de l'index

Pas de protection contre les saisies incorrectes pour les champs numériques (MN, fuseki, ...)

2004/04/05 - version 1.21


Ajout option Montrer dernier coup/Tous

Démarrage d'un jeu sur le noeud avant le premier coup au lieu du premier noeud, ce qui permet d'utiliser en mode problème les jeux du type (;GM[1]SZ[19];AW[aa][bb]...).


Le nombre max de caractères affichés pour les numéros de coup et les labels passe de 2 à 3, avec controle de la taille de la fonte.


Diminution de la taille du goban au changement d'option Coordonnées

Pas de répercussion de la couleur custom dans l'index au changement d'option

Plantage sur Aller à sur un jeu sans mouvement

Au redimensionnement ou au changement d'option, réaffichage partiel des marques SGF ou Drago

Possibilité de faire Coup suivant ou Position initiale en cours de réflexion GNU Go

Possibilité de jouer pendant la séquence d'affichage sur un coup incorrect en mode partie

Mauvaise gestion du résultat après un coup illégal en mode problème

2004/03/14 - version 1.20

Première version partagée