Drago - Release Notes

Version 4.23
  • Finnish translation. Thanks a lot to Mika Kaakinen.


Version 4.22.03
  • Set three stone handicap in correct position. Thanks to Kan Yabumoto.
  • Fix move numbering at end of engine game. Move numbers were incremented by 1. Thanks to Gerhard Suttner.
  • Fix window drifting when repeating starting and closing program. Thanks to Marcel Vanthoor.
  • Fix typo in help file. Thanks to Xinming Simon Guo.
  • Improve Spanish translation. Thanks to S. C. Chase.


Version 4.22.02
  • Fix crash on make main branch command.


Version 4.22.01
  • Translation and texture files were not found when opening a sgf file with double click from Windows explorer.


Version 4.22
  • Option to display several move numbers on board.
  • Command to delete a game in a multi game sgf file.
  • Commands to move variations forward or backward in the variation list.
  • Coordinates are updated with view transform commands.
  • Fix error when changing size in ExportPosition dialog.
  • Avoid dragging setup stones and creating unexpected behavior.
  • Display correct node properties (including goban size if lower than 19) when moves are mixed with setup stones at root node.
  • It is now possible to edit comments with extended character sets.


Version 4.21
  • Full screen mode.
  • Empty node creation.
  • Engine only timing mode.
  • Change default board background.
  • When starting a game, entering komi may use '.' or ',' as decimal separator.
  • It was not possible to disable some warnings.
  • Game tree pane was not updated when inserting pass move.


Version 4.20
  • One click patterndisplay of stones.
  • User defined stones (PNG format, sente.goban stones included).
  • Advanced option added to store paths relatively to install folder.
  • Arabic translation.
  • Support for pachi game engine.
  • Remove board thumbnail in pattern search mode.
  • Keeps sizes of side bar panes proportional when closing one of them.
  • Removes support for old PDF lib (PowerPDF).
  • Avoid truncating some strings in Game information search box.
  • Fix read only mode.
  • Territory marks not displayed when exporting to PDF.


Version 4.12
  • After loading a folder, editing and saving a file is incorrectly handled.


Version 4.11
  • Update Hungarian translation.
  • Command line handles multi parameters and accepts database and folder parameters.
  • Explorer drag-and-drop handles multi parameters and accepts database and folder parameters.
  • Opening a file by clicking in Explorer opens also latest files.
  • Display glitch in remove property window when using 120 dpi fonts (evgeny).
  • Scoring does not work after opening and closing several instances.
  • Group status messages are incorrectly displayed in utf-8.


Version 4.10
  • Generation of move trees (fuseki trees).
  • Clipboard open and save commands.
  • Option to replay game from current position.
  • Option to minimize to tray.
  • Folders and databases are handled in favorites.
  • Color dialogs save custom colors.
  • Better handling of read errors when loading folder.
  • Increase speed when showing game information search panel in database search window.
  • Slight changes in database search window display.
  • Error with figure property on last move of variant (Fabian).
  • Handling of loadsgf existence for SuggestMove. Led to error with MoGo (Peter).
  • Crash on last move in autoreplay mode (Danut).
  • In database search mode, the pattern rectangle is sometimes not erased.
  • Better working with Fuego in some cases has been reported.
  • Time selection boxes (total time and time per move) may be hidden by a scrollbar with some screen settings (Vladimir).
  • Database search window is incorrecly resized with some screen settings.
  • In game information pane in sidebar: strings are not displayed on maximum size, focus rectangle is drawn when pane is clicked.
  • For those who have downloaded the last beta release (beta 3): the only difference with the final release is that some translation files are updated. Thanks for testing the beta.


Version 4.01
  • Small change when saving to avoid separating a property name and a long property value by a carriage return.
  • Crash when using the delete branch command on starting position (thanks Jacques).


Version 4.00
  • Dockable, floatable, configurable sidebar.
  • Game information panel in sidebar (with player images).
  • Several game engines may be configured.
  • Game engines are predefined.
  • Engine games use timing.
  • Guess mode may have unlimited number of attempts.
  • Problem mode may specify a ratio of previously incorrectly solved problems.
  • Make main branch command in edit menu.
  • Remove properties command in edit menu.
  • Reload current file command added to tab popup menu.
  • Properties for byo-yomi stones are handled in display mode.
  • Text panel color setting removed.
  • "Use old lib" removed from PDF advanced options, but still available in inifile.
  • Sequence of clicks in edit mode option goes to advanced settings.
  • Warnings reset go to advanced settings.
  • In game tree, ellipsis are no more displayed if there is only a timing property at node.
  • Updown in replay dialog does not work.
  • Move numbers are not erased after hint in problem mode (thanks to Fabian).
  • Tabs are close on mouse down, not on mouse up.
  • Strange behavior when more than 32 tabs opened (thanks to Danut).
  • After merging files, the name of the temporary files appears after moving to next game (thanks to Danut).
  • After merging files and moving to next game, it is impossible to Save as collection (thanks to Danut).
  • Switching between tabs when the export position window is open may cause an error (thanks to Danut).
  • When running just after installation, the install window is still visible in task bar (thanks to Tim and Danut).


Version 3.18.01
  • With some configurations, the format buttons in the export position dialog are completely black. Thanks to Juan Jesus and anonymous at SL forum for reporting this.
  • In the export position dialog, when exporting to SGF, the position can be saved with an incorrect board size. Thanks to Terrence for reporting this.


Version 3.18
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Brazilian Portuguese translation

Version 3.17.01
  • Advanced PDF settings to define and embed a TrueType font.
  • One of the libraries used for the user interface has been upgraded (SpTBXLib). As a consequence, the available skins have also changed.
  • Navigating in the game tree from setup or markup nodes (;SZ[19](;AB[aa])(;AB[bb])) was not correctly handled. Thanks to Evgeny (and Marco some months ago) to report. Should be definitively fixed now.


Version 3.17
  • Vietnamese translation added.

Vietnamese translation

Version 3.16
  • Crash when creating databases (thanks Mase, Oleg and Kevin for reporting!).

Chinese Martian translation

Version 3.15
  • Korean translation added.
  • Traditional Chinese translation updated.
  • Tab reordering with drag and drop.

Korean translation

Version 3.14.03
  • In some case, the position is not updated when navigating in the game tree in a game with nodes with no moves (thanks Marco).


Version 3.14.02
  • Game information view was not updated after adding a game to the current file (thanks wildclaw).
  • Adding a game to a collection was not considered as a change while the new game was empty (thanks wildclaw). However, creating a new file still does not set up the change flag, this to avoid being worried about the empty game created when Drago starts with no previous files.
  • It was possible to undo a move while the engine game was thinking (thanks Alain)
  • Some extra spaces were added in the SQL request in the DB search dialog, making the request incorrect sometimes (thanks at SL forum!)


Version 3.14.01
  • Minor changes to make komi value more consistent on default game creation (for instance when closing all games).
  • Komi edit box in game information dialog becomes write enable.
  • Komi value can be wrong when playing in autohandicap mode with territory counting (thanks Antonio).


Version 3.14
  • Japanese translation
  • Update Turkish translation
  • Minor Unicode display problem in database search window

Japanese translation

Version 3.13
  • Turkish translation
  • Advanced setting to control line height when exporting to PDF
  • Advanced setting for tiling background textures with symmetries
  • In problem solving mode, the strings in the problem status panel are updated when entering in free mode
  • More tolerant SGF parsing in some cases when adding to database
  • SGF files cannot be opened from Internet Explorer
  • When solving problems, entering in free mode from wrong answer may create incorrect solutions
  • Date label in game information search dialog is not updated
  • Removing a file association removes both associations

Turkish translation

Version 3.12.01
  • Update Polish translation


Version 3.12
  • Polish translation

Polish translation

Version 3.11
  • German help file

Version 3.10
  • User interface is Unicode aware (UTF-8)
  • SGF files are correctly displayed with various multi byte character encodings.
  • Exporting to preview, RTF, PDF, HTML and DOC respects interface encoding and SGF encoding.
  • Commands for position symmetry and color swap.
  • Advanced tab in option dialog.
  • Some options for PDF export tuning have been added in the advanced tab.
  • Advanced option to play engine games in same tab.
  • Advanced option to abort or not on file error.
  • Some more options in advanced tab.
  • Drago uses Haru Free PDF Library instead of PowerPDF, both from Takeshi Kanno.
  • Game information in column format is now always printed at top of page. This is because HaruPDF (and PDF) has no "Keep Lines Together" command. It was available through a hack in the library source code with PowerPDF.
  • Some options have moved to advanced tab.
  • Better handling of move commands in thumbnail view.
  • Better handling of default dimensions when opening Export position dialog (only diameter is saved, suppression of "Selection minimum dimension" parameter).
  • Ctrl-clicking on a variation markup in sibling mode creates or goes to a possible next move.
  • Clicking on Options menu opens the menu, not the window. New icon on toolbar to open directly the option window.
  • Add result calculated by Drago when not calculated by engine when saving a game against engine
  • Handle LB properties with empty text as L properties (PocketGoban compatibility)
  • Use game komi and handicap when starting a game with engine from current position
  • Separators cannot be added in toolbar configuration.
  • Game information view is not updated after calling game information dialog.
  • Move pointer in game tree is not updated when clicking to sibling.
  • Do not open previous instance when minimized
  • Crash or freeze when starting a game engine from a position with a pass move.
  • Crash when inserting a pass move when showing variations as alternate moves.
  • Error when starting a problem session in sequential mode with more problems than in the current file.
  • Error when replaying (guess mode) with pass moves.
  • Error when pushing the up button in an empty favorite box.
  • Fix doubling of komi property when saving a game against engine


Chinese translation

Version 3.03
  • German translation
  • Error when inserting a pass move when showing variations as alternate moves.
  • Error when pushing the up button in an empty favorite box.

German translation

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