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Having contacts with an increasing number of people, I think it becomes necessary to give some information about me.


Civil status

I was born in the second half of the 20th century. Ok, not very precise, so let's say close to the beginning of the second half... Half French, half Spanish but grown up in France. My daughter is half African, all this making her an interesting genetic melting pot.



I have been working since 1990 in the same company as a research software engineer. My company is dedicated to postal equipment, providing letter sorting machines as well as IT solution. As a developer, I have been mainly involved in handwritting and machine printed recognition. I am currently more involved in specification and management still with the automatic reading team.




I have learnt to play Go in the eighties but really tried to improve in the nineties. I have participated to some tournaments and some French summer camps. I had also some lessons with Farid Ben Malek 5d. I have been a member of the "club d'Antony" and I am now with the "club de Cachan".

At my best, I played as a 4k although I never went above 5k on the French ladder. My official rank is now 6k.

A 1995 photo.
I am sitting but not smoking!

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